What's New in MasterCook 15

MasterCook 15 is the first version designed for Windows 10. Previous versions can have issues with Windows 10.

MasterCook 15 includes a new program called the My MasterCook Manager with all the new functionality. Its window appears when you first launch MasterCook 15. The x in the upper right corner of the screen minimizes the program to the Windows System Tray (in your lower right corner of the screen with your clock and volume icon, etc.)

However, you can right click on the icon in the Windows System Tray to EXIT the My MasterCook Manager to completely shut it down. See the screenshot below. It's designed to stay running when you close it using the x in the upper right corner, so you can keep it running and use the sync as often as necessary.

The setting in the My MasterCook screen in My MasterCook Manager for Show When Starting MasterCook, forces the My MasterCook Manager to remain minimized in the Windows System Tray while you are using the main MasterCook program.

If you wish to prevent the My MasterCook Manager from running at all, you can rename or delete its EXE file on your computer. It's the MyMasterCook.exe within this folder on your computer: C:\Program Files (x86)\MasterCook 15\MyMasterCook. First, restart the computer and do not run MasterCook at all. Then you can rename or delete the MyMasterCook.exe file.



NEW!! Manually or automatically sync your cookbooks/recipes and shopping lists with and our new mobile apps. Manually or automatically sync your all of your MasterCook data with your account. See this article for further details: Synchronization Keep your files safely backed up to your account! Furthermore, if you have multiple computers, you can install MasterCook 15 on all of them to keep your files in sync between them all!

Group Cookbooks

NEW!! Share and collaborate on cookbooks with family, friends, or coworkers in real time. Create read-only cookbooks or cookbooks that allow others to add recipes and edit their recipes. See this article for further details: Group Cookbooks


More options than previous versions! Easily import existing MasterCook files from backup, previous versions of MasterCook (New!), or any selected folder. It even looks into the subfolders of the folder you have selected (New!). See this article for further details: Merge


Easier and quicker to use than previous versions! Complete new backup makes it easy to back up selected MasterCook data.See this article for further details: Backup Please keep your MasterCook files backed up to another disk or drive on a regular basis.


Stability and other improvements from previous versions.

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