Reinstall MasterCook 15

How do I reinstall MasterCook 15?

Please note if you purchased the download of MasterCook 15 from, you have a download link for the installation file in your account here: Downloadable Products. You can view all of your orders in your account here: Orders.

Additionally, there are several online places that sell the MasterCook download. If you purchased it somewhere else, such as at Amazon, you need to use the download link you purchased from them since you are their customer. For example, you will find your Amazon download link in your Games & Software Library.

Otherwise, you are welcome to provide proof of purchase by providing a copy of your receipt, and you can purchase a backup/replacement of the MasterCook 15 product at a discount at Send your request and proof of purchase to to inquire. If you are unsure when/where you purchased MasterCook 15, search your emails for the word MasterCook. That may help you locate it.


FIRST STEP (Uninstall)

A. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE BACKUP COPIES FIRST on another disk or drive! See These Instructions.

B. Use Windows to uninstall the program. Go to the Windows Start menu or use the Windows Logo key on your keyboard and type Uninstall MasterCook 15. Then uninstall it. Restart your computer if prompted.

SECOND STEP (Delete Files Folders Left Behind)

Make sure there are no remains of the previous install before you install once again. Otherwise, those corrupt files will remain and so will your problems. If you are unable to find any of the 3 folders below, STOP. Contact us and let us know.

MasterCook 15 installed 3 folders on your computer, so make sure they are gone before you reinstall.

  1. Open the C drive on your computer. Then open the Program Files (x86) folder. If there is a MasterCook 15 folder in here, delete it.

  2. Open the C drive on your computer. Then open the ProgramData folder. If Windows is hiding that folder from you see Show Hidden Files in Windows 8 or Show Hidden Files in Windows 7. Make sure the MasterCook 15 folder is deleted from within the ProgramData folder. (If you still don't find the ProgramData folder on your computer, please ask us to help you.)


  3. Open the C drive on your computer. Open the Users folder. Open the Public folder. Open the Public Documents folder. If there is a MasterCook 15 folder inside the Public Documents folder, delete it.


THIRD STEP (Fresh Installation)

Ready for Installation

Then close all programs and disable your antivirus program so nothing corrupts your installation. Reinstall MasterCook 15. Make sure it works correctly with its own files before you attempt to add your own. Start the program up. Do you see the cookbooks that install with the program? If not, contact us. Do not add your files yet. You don't have a complete install.

FOURTH STEP (Merge Your Files)

Do not add your files if you haven't run the program as explained in the previous step. You can easily add your own files by using Merge to merge from your Backup location from the FIRST STEP above.


It is important that you do these three things:

  1. After uninstalling you will get prompted to restart the computer. Do that.
  2. After restarting the computer, you must delete the folders that remain behind after uninstalling. If you don't they will continue to cause problems.
  3. If you do not close all other programs and disable your antivirus program when you install, they often cause a corrupt install for others.

After you get the program reinstalled, do NOT add back your files until you verify the program is working as expected with its own fresh files. If you have problems after adding your files, then you will know one of them is causing the problem.

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