FAQs about MasterCook 15 and the Mobile Apps

Q: Can I use the mobile apps without an internet connection? How do I access my recipes when I don't have internet access?
A: Yes, the mobile apps work when you don't have an internet connection. Please see this article for more information: Offline Use with Mobile Apps

Q: Is there a way to manually transfer recipes to the mobile apps?
A: No. There are other apps that allow you to do that. They are a hassle because you are forced to keep track of which recipe is most current with edits and then remember to transfer those recipes back to another device or computer. Many users complained about having to deal with this hassle with MasterCook 14 and having to manually upload/download their recipes. They frequently had difficulty keeping track of which recipes they edited and which one was most current. Therefore, the MasterCook mobile apps are designed to do all of that for you by syncing your content through your account. It syncs per recipe too, so you don't have to upload the entire cookbook when you edit a recipe. This is a hassle when using Dropbox or Google Drive, etc. where you make an edit to a recipe and have to sync the entire cookbook MC2/MCX files when you've only changed a recipe.

Q: Which version of Android is required for the mobile app?
A: It is designed for Android version 4.0 and greater.

Q: How do I get my content from a previous version of MasterCook into MasterCook 15?
A: Please follow the instructions in our MasterCook 15 Merge article. Basically you point MasterCook to where you files are, and it gives you the options to choose how to add them to MasterCook 15.

Q: What happens after my subscription to expires?
A: The subscription allows you to store your recipes in the cloud in your account at which enables it to sync to all of your devices. If you allow your subscription to expire we will eventually close your account and suspend it. You will have to pay a reactivation fee.

Q: How come the web import window says to download to MasterCook 14 and not MasterCook 15?
A: MasterCook 14 does not allow you to sync your recipes from your account, so you must download your recipes. If you are using MasterCook 15 you should sync your recipes instead. See our article called MasterCook 15 Synchronization.

Q: What are the differences between the MasterCook products?
A: MasterCook 15 (our Windows product) has the most features such as printing cookbooks, cost and nutritional analyses, robust search functionality, customized ingredients, and other features. The mobile apps allow you to input and edit your recipes and scale them. The functionality allows you to input recipes and search them and add them to online shopping lists and create shopping lists. Please see our Getting Started with MasterCook article for further details.

Q: Does the purchase of MasterCook 15 also include the mobile apps?
A: The mobile apps are FREE. Anyone can download and install the apps even if they don’t have MasterCook. Find them in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. They work with a FREE 90-day trial account at too.

Q: I have a desktop and two laptops. Do I need to buy a program for each of these machines?
A: No. The license is per user and not per computer, so MasterCook can be installed on each of them. MasterCook 15 will even keep your data synced between them all.

Q: Can I invite someone who doesn't have MasterCook to one of my group cookbooks?
A: Yes! Invite them using their email address. They will receive an email with a link to your shared cookbook. They can click on the link in that email to accept and view your shared cookbook. They will need to create an account at Then they can view all of your recipes in your shared cookbook.

Q: Can I try MasterCook for free?
A: Yes! You can register an account at It will allow you to store up to 25 recipes in your free account so you can try it out for 90 days. The Android and iOS apps are free downloads that work with a account. Find them in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

Q: If I invite someone to my group cookbook will they be able to edit recipes?
A: They will be able to add their own recipes to your group cookbook and edit them. If you view the Share tab in the My MasterCook Manager in MasterCook 15 you can select your group cookbook and then access the Activity tab just below. The Activity tab shows you things like changes made in the cookbook including editing and adding recipes and who made those changes.

Q: If I accidentally delete a cookbook, will that cause a sync to other devices and, therefore, remove my cookbook from them?
A: Yes, deleting a cookbook and then syncing does indeed delete it from everywhere else to keep things true to sync.

Q: How do I search through my online recipes using the web and mobile apps?
A: You can search your recipes at Go to the My MasterCook Home web page. In the upper left in the My Recipes section is the search. Try the filter there too. Furthermore, if you open an online cookbook from the web, at the top is a filter you can use.

Q: How do I edit my online categories and cuisines?
A: You cannot edit them right now from the web. This is something we plan to add in a future update. However, for now you can edit them from MasterCook 15 or from the mobile apps. In the mobile apps go to the Settings screen. You can edit them from there.

Q: Does it matter where I store my cookbooks on my hard drive on the computer?
A: No, it does not matter where you store your cookbooks on the hard drive or any version of Windows. See Adding Cookbook Files to MasterCook for more information.

Q: Can we make cookbook collection folders *within* a Collections folder?
A: Yes, you can make collection folders within collection folders. Just make sure you point MasterCook to the folder that actually contains the cookbook files.

Q: Is there anything I can do to corrupt a cookbook?
A: There isn't really anything a person can do to cause a corrupt file. The computer can cause any file to become corrupt if it crashes or reboots while the file is in active use. You shouldn't rename your files outside of MasterCook such as using Windows. That won't necessarily corrupt a file, but it can make it so you can't open it until you rename it back.

Q: How do I merge my custom ingredients from a previous version?
A: Use the Merge tab in the My MasterCook Manager window. At the top select  Find MasterCook Files In. Select your previous version of MasterCook from this drop-down menu. Along the left select MC Tools and then select Copy to: MC Tools. On the right add a checkmark to the Ingredient List file. Then press Merge Now.


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