Importing Recipes from Websites, Word Documents, Ebooks, etc.

Do you have any tips on importing recipes from various sources?

I would suggest you view these topics about importing from web pages, Word documents, etc.:

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The web importer works great on websites that use the standard recipe formatting. Most major food websites (,,, etc.) use that standard today. However, there are some websites who haven't started using it yet. As those websites get on board with the same, the web importer will work much better with them.

The web importer reads the HTML of a web page that has recipe formatting. Therefore, one web page or website might not work as well as another. Not all websites are created equally or have the same quality. If you have web page that is giving you problems, you can send the URL to MasterCook Support.

You can see the hundreds of websites that work with MasterCook by looking at the Trending Recipes web page here:

That is a list of recipes and their websites that other MasterCook users are currently using to import into their account at Click on those links to go to the source web page that has the full recipe. Import the recipe from its source page like other MasterCook users are doing.

Furthermore, there are entire groups that share recipes that you can quickly import into MasterCook. See this one:


While you can generally copy text out of an ebook and into a text file, there are many MasterCook users who import entire ebooks into MasterCook fairly quickly by using the RecipeClips tool.

Join this group to inquire:

Join that group and inquire. Many people have used MasterCook for over 20 years and have swapped MasterCook cookbook files with each other for many, many years. Many users have thousands of cookbooks that others have shared with them after they have imported recipes into MasterCook and then swap with each other.


Attached below is a .txt file on some tips on preparing text for importing. This is provided by John Shotsky.

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