What's New in MasterCook 14?

What's New in MasterCook 14

  • Many stability and performance improvements
  • Custom installation option for the MC Tools folder and cookbook folders
  • Change font size on recipe edit screen in MasterCook Preferences
  • New fraction/decimal settings in the General tab of the Preferences
  • MasterCook 14 introduces a new export file format called MZ2, which allows users to include images when exporting a recipe
  • New authenticated SMTP E-mail support for web mail services like Gmail, Hotmail, & Yahoo Mail
  • When creating a new ingredient, you can base your values off of an existing ingredient by clicking "Save As" in the Ingredient Dialog
  • Easily change units and get unit change suggestions on the recipe edit screen (useful after scaling a recipe)
  • Enhanced configuration of files to support sharing collections and tools using services like Google Drive, Microsoft Sky Drive, and Drop Box
  • Updated system colors with refreshed Home screen to connect to and video tutorials
  • Create an account on
  • Unlock the recipes from your PC by uploading them to your account on and view them on any mobile or desktop browser on any device
  • Utilize the new Web Import technology that allows importing recipes from any web browser with a click of a button
  • New recipe detection feature extracts core recipe information from web pages automatically
  • Download recipes from your account into MasterCook 14
  • View trending recipes from around the web and easily add them to your collection 

Updates and Release Notes

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