Mac Version?

Is there a Mac version for MasterCook?

Although MasterCook is currently only available for Windows at this time, there are many people using MasterCook 15 and earlier versions on their Mac computers today. It is possible and just requires extra steps. See below.

Based on customer feedback we are looking at building out the full functionality on the cloud ( so it works with any computer or device. See our press release here:

One Mac user shared this info: "I was using Boot Camp Assistant to run Windows/MC14 which is an Apple program on my previous computer.  Had to go with "Parallels" Windows-emulating software this time because BCA does not work on the new MacBook Pro computers.  If you purchase a Mac and there is an Apple Store in your area, they will work with you to install Parallels and Windows. Once I got that accomplished, installing MC14 was not a problem."

You could inquire with other Mac users for more tips and suggestions. They are part of the MasterCook Discussion YahooGroup here:

Post a message to that group asking other Mac users for their tips and suggestions. Here is what another Mac user shared:

"I am running MC14 on a MacBook Pro. Last fall I purchased a MacBook Pro and used BootCamp to install a Windows partition on my hard drive. I installed MC 14 successfully on the partition when MC 14 came out and have had no problems since."

You can find more info about Boot Camp from this Apple Support article:



You can use the web only features of from a Mac computer. Please see this web page: subscription. (When we create a Mac app it will work with your account at

You might also want to watch This Video as we show you how to use it.

If you send us your cookbook file from your older version of MasterCook we would be happy to send you a file that you can upload to your account at

For more information see the section of This Article.

iPhone and iPad App

We also have a mobile app for the iPhone and iPad. See this article for more information: MasterCook Mobile Apps Overview

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