Error During Backup Regarding Component TABCTL32.OCX

When I try to backup my recipes the following error message appears..."Component TABCTL32.OCX or one of its dependents not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalad".

This is because Windows hasn't allowed the program to fully work yet on your computer. This can happen with a Windows Update, etc. You can tell Windows to allow it (register the file) by following these instructions below.

1. Close MasterCook.

2. Right click on its shortcut on your computer's desktop and select Run as Administrator from the menu that pops up.

3. Select Backup and Merge from its File menu.

4. Close the main MasterCook window.

5. Close the Backup and Merge window.

6. Restart MasterCook normally.

You should be able to run MasterCook normally from this point forward and no longer receive that error message.

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