The download version states that it requires the CD to play the Video Tips files.

This applies to customers who have purchased the download version of MasterCook only.

If MasterCook displays a message that it requires the CD to play the Video Tips, try the following:

1. Click on the Windows Start button.
2. Click on Computer.
3. Double-click on the C: drive.
4. In Windows XP double-click the Documents and Settings folder, then All Users, thenShared Documents.
In Windows Vista and Windows 7 double-click the Users folder, then Public, then Public Documents.
5. Double-click the MasterCook folder.
6. There will be a file there called MasterCook.INI. Double-click that file. If asked to select a program, choose NotePad.
7. Once it is opened, scroll down until a line is found that starts out with VideoList1.
8. Change that line to read exactly as follows:


9. Click on File then Save, then exit Notepad.
10. Launch MasterCook again and view the Video Tips.

Please Note: MasterCook expects the Public or Shared Documents folder to be in its default location. If this folder has been moved from its default location, you may need to enter the custom location into the INI file.

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