Getting a New Computer


First, make sure you have a current backup of your data files. See these instructions:

MasterCook 24 Backup

MasterCook 22

MasterCook 15 and 2020

MasterCook 14 and Older


Install the program using your previously purchased disk or download.

When you purchase downloads, your web browser saves the file to the Downloads folder on your computer. It will remain in that folder unless you intentionally delete it. Many people save a copy of their download files to the same location where they backup all of their important computer files.

If you are using the latest version of MasterCook and need to purchase a replacement download, contact MasterCook Support. If you are able to provide proof of purchase, we can give you a discount on purchasing a replacement copy.

If you are using an older version of MasterCook and lost or misplaced your disk or download, contact MasterCook Support to get a discount on upgrading to the latest version.

If you purchased MasterCook from another vendor, you must contact them. There are several online places that sell the MasterCook download. If you purchased it somewhere else, such as at Amazon, you need to use the download link you purchased from them since you are their customer. We do not have access to their customers or orders. For example, you will find your Amazon download link in your Games & Software Library.

If you purchased the download at and you have a current subscription to, one of the services provided to paying subscribers is storage on our servers, including your download purchases, such as cookbooks and programs. You will find them in the Downloadable Products section of your My Account web page. Our hosting provider charges us for data storage, so your subscription allows us to pay those fees and provide this storage service to paying customers.


MasterCook 24 Restore from Backup

MasterCook 22

MasterCook 15 and 2020

MasterCook 14 and Older

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