Where do I find the download link after purchase?

After you purchase the download product you will be sent a couple of emails. Look for the email with this subject line: Your MasterCook Order Completed. (If you don't find that email in your Inbox, it is likely your email provider directed it to a different email folder. Check the Spam, Junk, Bulk, etc. email folders or contact your email provider and ask what they do with emails that they think are junk. They can help you locate it.)

Scroll down through that email. You will find a link to click on. See screenshot below. That link is only active for a short time, so DO NOT DELAY in downloading it. Make sure your antivirus program does not remove it from your computer too.

Otherwise, you should find a link in your Downloadable Products web page and perhaps in the Details of your Order Page.

After you click on the download link, your web browser controls where it downloads on your computer. Pay attention to where it is downloading on your computer. It is about 566 MB, so it can take a while for it to download depending on your internet speed. Make sure it downloads fully before you attempt to open or run it. Restart your computer and close all other programs and disable your antivirus program while you install, so nothing can interfere and corrupt the installation.



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