Where do I get cookbooks?

If you install MasterCook 20 or MasterCook 22 or if you do not even have a Windows computer and use only, you have access to free cookbooks that work with all MasterCook products.

If you have MC 20 or MC 22, go to the Cookbooks screen. It should have installed a cookbook called My Cookbook. Open it up. Open up the "recipe" inside because it tells you how to get free cookbooks to add to your MasterCook product.

MasterCook has many free cookbooks available at for all of our customers. Our customers who do not have a Windows computer need access to the same cookbooks. Many of our customers are extremely picky about what cookbooks and recipes they want. Many have told us not to give them cookbooks automatically since it fills up their computer hard drive, especially on laptop computers that have a small SSD. Therefore, MasterCook has always provided the cookbooks for free at for over 10 years. The authors of these recipes gave MasterCook permission to share them with our customers.

Note: Some authors provide recipe photos and others do not. Just like in a bookstore, some cookbooks have no photos. Some have a few. Others have none at all.
Go here:
Cookbook File - What To Fix For Dinner (
Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find dozens more. Enjoy!

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