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We have added the current USDA ingredient database to You access it through the recipe edit screen per ingredient row for now. This is just the foundation. It only works at the individual ingredient level for now (not recipe level yet). We will be updating it and improving it over the next few months.

Additionally, currently the online nutrition tool is not able to link to units of measure so it gives the same nutritional analysis of 1 banana and 1 pound banana. We will be improving this tool as previously mentioned. As we make adjustments those will be updated to the website. In the meantime the nutrition values displayed are based on 100 grams if it's a dry ingredient or 100 ml if it's a wet ingredient.

1. Create a new cookbook in MasterCook 15 on the computer. Add a recipe with 1 apple. Save. Sync to online.

2. View the nutritional analysis for that recipe in MasterCook 15 on the computer.


3. Open the cookbook online. Open the recipe that has 1 apple. Press the Edit button for this online recipe.


4. Click on the 3 line icon to the left of the ingredient name.


5. Select Edit.


This opens the new nutritional analysis window for this ingredient.


Notice the Consolidate tab shows that this is a MasterCook 15 ingredient linked to apple. (This is an ingredient from MasterCook 15.)


6. Click on the Nutrition tab. Its values should match what you see in MasterCook 15 (see Step 2 above). *Notice you can Edit Nutrition Values from here. This allows you to change the values in the boxes. Use the Save button at the bottom of the screen to save your nutrition value edits.

nutr-tab.jpg gives you two decimal places. MasterCook 15 rounds to the nearest whole number. So, is more accurate.

Additionally, you can link it to a USDA ingredient at You use the Consolidate tab for a particular ingredient. In the Consolidate tab click on the Consolidate drop-down menu and change MasterCook 15 to USDA.


Then in the Link To text box underneath type apple and wait several seconds while it searches and returns a list of USDA "apple" ingredients to pick.


Select the desired one from the list. Press the LINK button. You will get a prompt asking if you are sure you want to link to that USDA ingredient. Acknowledge that.


It will save the recipe with the link to that ingredient. Review the ingredient nutrition again. You will see the Consolidate tab shows it's linked to the USDA ingredient. The Nutrition tab reflects those values.



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