Editing Meal Plan Print Template

This below was shared on the old Sierra email listserv when version 5 was released.

There is an Easter Egg in MasterCook! Look for it in version 5 and greater. (Surely you have heard of Easter Eggs in other programs? If not, go use your favorite search engine and search the Internet and try to find some Easter Eggs for other programs you use -- Word, Excel, etc.)

What can I do with it?

Well, you know since the beginning of time how we wanted to remove the nutritional summary from printing in the meal plans with versions 5.x/6.x, but we can't because we are NOT allowed to edit the print design for meal plans? This Easter Egg gives us a backdoor into editing that design. Yippee!!

URGENT WARNING: Please use caution! As always, it is a GREAT idea to back up your important MasterCook files (cookbooks, designs, etc.) before playing. If you get in a tangle, you can restore those backed up files.

However, I will share with you how I figured out a way to edit a meal plan. See below. Please don't attempt this unless you are really familiar with this program and know how to edit a print design.

1. Launch the program and get to the Edit Print Design screen. (If you don't know how to get this far, you might want to play with the program a bit more and gain some more experience before continuing.)
2. Select a text box (for example, the recipe title) and then use Ctrl+Shift+Right Click to find an Easter Egg pop-up menu. Yahoo!!
3. Select Edit Item... from the pop-up menu. (Hmm...there are some other interesting things to choose from this menu.)
4. Type in this Four Byte Code: "MDay" without the quotes and press OK.
5. You are now able to edit the Meal Plan design. Right-click on the nutritional summary and choose to hide it.
6. Save your design by a new name (use Save Design As from the File menu) so that you don't overwrite the existing design.
7. Now use this design the next time you want to print a meal plan, and the nutritional summary will be left out.
You can take it further from there. Try using the Page tab of the Palette and making your meal plan print in two columns, etc.

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