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Is there a way to use MasterCook on my iPad or Android tablet or phone?

Yes!  Our web app (a subscription to allows you to access your MasterCook collection from your device.

When you purchased MasterCook 14, you received a free one-year subscription to  Or, if you don't need the Windows app (MasterCook 14) you can purchase a subscription to separately. A subscription to (the web app) allows you to store and access your recipes in your online account at

How do I get started?

Sign up for an account at If you purchased the download version of MasterCook 14 or a subscription to through the MasterCook store, your account has already been activated and is ready to go. If you purchased the retail boxed version of MasterCook 14, there is an activation code inside the packaging with instructions for activating your account.

How do I install the shortcut on my device?

When you install the shortcut on your device, you will always be one touch away from your cookbooks, recipes, shopping lists and more.  

For iOS 7 users:  First, log in to your account on  Then, click the up arrow next to the address bar, then the "Add to Home Screen" button as shown below.  Finally, click "Add" and then find the MasterCook icon on your homescreen.


For Android Users: First, log in to your account on  Then click on the menu button (the bottom left button on your phone).  Finally, choose "Add shortcut to home".  (Note: If you are using Chrome this option is called "Add to homescreen".)   Then find the MasterCook icon on your homescreen.

I have an existing MasterCook collection.  How do I get my recipes into MasterCook Ready Recipe?

You can upload your recipes from the MasterCook 14 program on your computer to your online account. Then you can view and edit your recipes from your account with any device that can browse the web. See our article Uploading Recipes from MasterCook 14 to  If you have MasterCook Ready Recipe and have existing MasterCook recipes, but do NOT have MasterCook 14, we can help you get your recipes loaded.  Just create a ticket and let us know.

How do I use the web import feature from my tablet?

You can use your phone or tablet to import recipes to your account. See our web page: Import Recipes from the Web. Please also see our related articles:

Importing Recipes Using an Android Device

Using the Web Importer with an iPad

Can I edit Recipes from my tablet?

Yes!  When viewing a recipe, just click on the "edit" icon near the top of the page.

Other Notes:

Many web browsers for the iPad and Android devices allow you to save web pages for offline use. You can use that to view your recipes when you are offline too.

For instructions on using the online functionality from any phone, tablet, or computer see the webinars at the bottom of our Getting Started web page.

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