New Functionality Coming to

Please see this recent blog post:

 Please note the last two paragraphs in that post:

Because this is a very substantial update, you may find the website is slower than usual during the launch time period. However, once the update is over, you should experience a much faster website overall, as we’ve included many performance enhancements in this release. Thank you in advance for your patience.

If you have any questions during our launch period, please contact Support at


If you have any problems using including the web importer, please report those ASAP. These updates happen on a continual basis as we continue to add new functionality to Although we do our best to test the functionality with our separate testing servers, sometimes an issue won’t appear in the testing environment but then appears when it goes live to Our developers are on hand to address anything that comes up and is reported, including on weekends.

Your existing subscription will get the new functionality to too.


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