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Windows 8

Pam Erickson
posted this on November 19, 2012 14:54

Although MasterCook 11 was released before Windows 8 came out, several users are having success using it on Windows 8.

There are a few things to be aware of though regarding the web import toolbars.

Windows 8 64-bit comes with three versions of Internet Explorer 10: 32-bit IE 10 Desktop, 64-bit IE 10 Desktop, and 64-bit IE 10 Metro.

The Internet Explorer web import toolbar will only work in the 32-bit Desktop version of Internet Explorer 10. The web import toolbar installs to the default web browser on the computer. Therefore, it is important that the 32-bit Desktop version of Internet Explorer 10 is set as the default before you install MasterCook 11. Users with Windows 7 64-bit have the same issue. Although they have the 64-bit version of Windows, they too must use the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer.

Use Windows to browse to the C drive of your computer. You will find two Program Files folders. The one with the (x86) extension is the 32-bit version and contains the 32-bit version of IE 10. That's the version of IE 10 you need to set as your default in Windows before you install MasterCook 11.

Similar applies to the RecipeFox web import toolbar. It only works with the 32-bit version of java. You need to make sure you have Java 32-bit installed on your 64-bit version of Windows 8. Use Firefox 32-bit to visit the website to download the 32-bit version.

You also should make sure you are using the most current version of RecipeFox which can be downloaded from this web page:

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